Catalonia Today

Canada’s very own Trump

Doug Ford’s popularity is due to the same populist approach that took Trump to the White House: the successful “outsider” defending the lower classes


US navigation and GPS leader opens in Barcelona

The US navigation and GPS company Garmin has opened its first store in Spain in the L’Illa Diagonal shopping mall, offering the wide variety of navigation and tracking systems it specialises in. In addition,...


Baselga resigns from Sloan Kettering Centre

Josep Baselga has resigned as a medical director of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial in New York after The New York Times made public that he had failed to inform the centre that he had been paid millions...


Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the US

North Carlina officials are predicting that the Category One storm Hurricane Florence could cause the heaviest flooding in a millenium. The storm reached the coast and will bring heavy rains for days....

Lehman Brothers: 10 years on

Lehman Brothers bankruptcy marked the beginning of the recession; recovery has not yet reached 2008’s levels

A motion going nowhere

PDeCAT withdraws its motion urging talks without conditions but within the law, with Nogueras claiming PSOE has no real intention to negotiate

Back to school with 21 centres not ready

The new school year began yesterday in Catalonia for 1,567,316 students, with 21 centres not fully prepared to cater to the students with building and renovations still to be finished.The Generalitat Vice...


Unions pleased following talks with Cunillera

Trade unions CCOO and UGT said they were pleased to meet with the new central government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, after “years of having the delegation doors closed” to them. The CCOO’s...


PDeCat denies any ties with CDC in 3% case

PDeCAT yesterday denied any connection with CDC in the hearing in the Audiéncia Nacional into the so-called 3% case, which is investigating donations made to the foundations Catdem and Fòrum Barcelona...