Catalonia Today


IBEC launches new neural engineering team

How the brain works is one of the great challenges still facing science. One of Catalonia’s main research centres, the Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya, has decided to make its contribution with...

The countdown begins

Parliament this week will see the passing of the Referendum Law; 27 days out from the vote the PSOE will offer its latest alternative to a Catalan republic

Pyongyang’s nuclear tests provoke storm

Ignoring international sanctions and repeated warnings, North Korea carried out its 6th nuclear bomb test on Sunday, this time with a hydrogen bomb, which government officials termed a “compete success”....


Catalonia rejects fear

Moha is only one year older than Moussa, at eighteen. Both have Moroccan roots. The latter was almost in the front row in plaça Catalunya for the minute of silence in memory of the victims and to protest...

Referendum legislation to see out the course

It was assumed that Parliament was called back early from the holiday period in order to pave the way for the October 1 referendum which will require the pertinent law to be passed for that to take place....

UK’s Irish border proposal

London proposes an open frontier between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland citing “unique circumstances” and the fragile peace agreement

Banks and social welfare

Only CaixaBank dedicates part of its profits to social welfare projects; a change in attitude from banks could help rebuild public confidence

Syria proves to be too much for del Ponte

Seven years of war in Syria have claimed the head of Carla del Ponte. Despite having overseen the horrors of Rwanda and the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the experienced war-crimes prosecutor leading...

Russiagate goes to Grand Jury stage

Move indicates significant advance towards penal measures; White House warns of leaking state secrets