Catalonia Today

May begins mini-tour to promote her exit plan

The British Prime Minister will begin a tour of European chancelleries this week to promote her Brexit plan among her European counterparts. At the end of the week she will meet with the Austrian Chancellor...

Dignity under attack

Proactiva Open Arms founder Òscar Camps falls victim of a defamation campaign of lies as he has become a point of reference for humanitarianism

Tension rises to surface

Pro-independence groups blame each other for lack of agreement on Puidgdemont’s suspension; Torrent suspends session while tension is evident


Obama urges Africa to stem brain-drain

Former US President Barack Obama advised talented young Africans on Wednesday to push for change at home instead of emigrating, and urged their governments to do more to stem the brain drain. He added:...


Franco family will not accept the dictator’s remains

The Spanish government says that the family of Francisco Franco has no intention of accepting the remains of the dictator, currently buried in the Valle de los Caidos and which Pedro Sanchez wishes to...


Employment loss from 2007 will be made up in 2021

The economic crisis in 2007 saw the destruction of 665,000 jobs in Catalonia and so far, since recovery began in 2013, half of those lost have been regained (362,000 up to the first quarter of 2018), according...


“La manada” remain at liberty despite appeals

A Navarre court has dismissed the appeal by the prosecution against the bail and provisional liberty set last month for five members of “la manada”, who were sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual...


Government extends limit for victims

The Ministry of the Interior will include all victims of the attacks on August 17 in Catalonia, even if they submit their application for aid outside the deadline, which officially ends on the same day...

An early dinner reduces cancer risk

Having an earlier evening meal, preferably before nine, or leaving an interval of at least two hours between the last meal and going to sleep is associated with a lower risk of breast and prostate cancers....