Catalonia Today

Unemployment drops by 1% in a slow July

The unemployment gap closed a little again in July, despite being one of the country’s main tourist periods. The number of jobless fell by 4,075 compared to June of this year (less than 1%) leaving a...

‘Au revoir’, ‘Moneymar’

Since his arrival in FC Barcelona four years ago, Neymar’s successes on the football field have been marred by legal problems resulting from his signing

New tax on ocean-going vessel pollution in 2019

The tax on cars which cause pollution to start in 2018 will be mirrored by another in 2019, this time on ocean-going vessels. The tax is envisaged to be levied on large passenger vessels and cruise liners...

Italy’s Mediterranean

Abandoned by the EU, Italy faces the migration crisis alone. Rigid rules hinder the work of NGOs, while far-right groups patrol the coast for boats

Week by week over- sight or collapse

Rajoy orders weekly inspection of Generalitat outgoings to ensure public money is not spent on referendum


French defence chief resigns due to cuts

Just a few month after the celebrations of the whirlwind victory of Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential elections, the run of scandals and resignations continues. In the two weeks following the...


Court investigates la Caixa for Golden Parachute

The National Audience of Spain has opened an investigation for a retirement payout made to the previous Vice-president and CEO of the Caixa, Joan Maria Nin. The investigations centre around a change in...


Young Saudi woman arrested for video

Saudi police arrested a young woman who appeared in a video on Tuesday walking in a small town in the north of the country wearing a miniskirt and short t-shirt, local television reported. The video went...

Miguel Blesa found dead from a gunshot wound

Miguel Blesa, an iconic figure of the great recession and the financial excesses at the head of Caja Madrid from 1996 to 2009, died yesterday in Villanueva del Rey (Córdoba) victim of a gunshot to the...