Catalonia Today


Saudi coalition bombing kills 68 in Yemen

Bombings by forces under the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen have killed 68 civilians in a single day, the UN said yesterday. The first raid was at a crowded market in the province of Taiz, in the...


More than 40 killed in suicide attack in Kabul

Suicide bombers stormed a Shi’ite cultural center and news agency in the Afghan capital on Thursday, killing more than 40 people and wounding scores, many of them students attending a conference in te...


Women most affected by energy poverty

47% of people who contacted the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (APE) and the Alliance Against Poverty Energy last year in Barcelona have said they can not maintain their home at the correct temperature...


Hunter discovers burned corpse near Begues

Catalan police are investigating the death of a person whose body was found cremated in a path near Begues yesterday. The body was near an abandoned farmhouse known as La Massana, near the district of...


Iberdrola makes big gains on US tax reform

Spanish energy company Iberdrola has informed the national market commission that it has benefited from tax reductions in Donald Trump’s recently announced reforms and will record an unplanned income...

Transport and water prices rise in January

Consumers will see the prices of two basic commodities rise in January. In the capital, the popular T10 transport pass will rise by 2.5% taking it over the magical €10 mark, almost the price the ticket...

Italy heads for elections

Prime Minister consults with President Mattarella before announcing the election date; polls predict divided parliament needing pacts to govern

The State eases control

The Ministry brings all financial controls under the umbrella of 155 and from January 1 will pay grants and subsidies that were frozen since September

Judge in Lezo case closing in on Gallardón

The circle is closing in on the former president of the Community of Madrid and former Justice Minister Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón. The investigating judge in the Lezo corruption case has charged the entire...