Catalonia Today


Summer sales “save” textile sector

Serious concerns in Catalonia’s textile sector have been partly allayed thanks to the opening of this year’s summer sales. Traditionally the community with highest sales in textiles, in 2016 Catalonia...


Successful test of first anti-Aids vaccine

There is progress in the search to find an effective vaccine against AIDS. The prestigious medical journal The Lancet yesterday published a study of 400 healthy people who have managed to develop an immune...

Education to contract 800 new teachers

Catalonia’s education system is currently facing three major problems and in recent days the new Catalan Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló has outlined the plans he has to overcome the problems....


First conflict with Constitutional Court in Sánchez’s mandate

One of the issues that will be on the table at the meeting in La Moncloa by Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra is the need to ease off the policy of litigation involving the Constitutional Court (TC), but yesterday,...

A united front against Soraya

Santamaría attempts to use rank and file to assert her victory, offering to integrate other factions into leadership


Sanfermin gets underway in festive mood

The 2018 Sanfermin festival began yesterday with a festive atmosphere accompanied by a message in favour of diversity and disability with a ”chupinazo” led by a group of 12 youths with Down syndrome...


Thai diver dies in rescue operation as time runs out

A former diver with an elite Thai navy unit has died while taking part in operations to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach who have been trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. The boys have been trapped...


Hypetension medication recalled in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of more than a hundred medicines containing the active valsartan, prescribed principally to control hypertension, but has warned users not to stop...

Open Arms makes port

The 60 migrants drifting on the Libyan coast and rescued by Open Arms have been transfered to centres in the capital; they have 30 days to demand asylum