Catalonia Today

“Never again!”

The aftermath of the Prestige disaster off the coast of Galicia 15 years ago remains with the cost of the tragedy fixed but still no change in protocols


Moscow to bail-out Venezuela

Russia and Venezuela signed a debt restructuring deal on Wednesday allowing Caracas to make “minimal” payments to Moscow in the next six years to help it meet obligations to other creditors, the Russian...


Robert Mugabe under house arrest after coup

Zimbabwe’s military seized power on Wednesday saying it was holding President Robert Mugabe and his family safe while targeting “criminals” in the entourage of the man who has ruled the nation since...


Hopes to end examiner’s dispute

The dispute that has caused a “monumental backlog” in driving tests may be in its final days after representatives of the DGT made a proposal of salary increases to the representatives of examiners...

And if you were locked up?

ANC, Omnium and CDR Osona and set up cells in the main square of Vic in an act of solidarity with Sánchez and Ciuxart before it visits other towns

Australia says “yes” to same-sex marriages

Australia hopes to legalise gay weddings before Christmas thanks to the victory of the “yes” vote in a non-binding referendum on the issue that will allow the debate on the reform of the marriage law...


Macron to lead November 13 commemoration

French President Emmanuel Macron, will today lead the ceremony in homage to the victims of the attacks that on November 13, 2015 claimed the lives of 130 people in Paris and Saint Denis, a commemoration...


Antiseptic dispensers to help flu prevention

Pharmacies throughout Catalonia and Spain have begun to install dispensers of antiseptic solution to help educate the public to and promote correct hand-washing as a means of flu prevention. More than...


Telefonica to be new IT provider for Seat

The Seat car company and Telefonica have signed an agreement for the communications giant to become the vehicle manufacturer’s supplier of strategic IT. The alliance between the companies involves cooperation...