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elections 2017

Voters remember the violence of October 1

Voters at many of Catalonia’s polling stations yesterday spoke of the memories they had of the violence to which they were subject during the October 1 referendum. In Alcarràs (Segrià), for example,...

elections 2017

Partners of prisoners concerned

One of the main concerns of the partners of the politicians and civil leaders imprisoned in Madrid was yesterday to make sure that their postal votes arrived and were correctly registered so that even...

elections 2017

Acting Speaker votes this time without pressure

In very different circumstance from the last time she voted at La Nostra Llar (Sabadell) just 11 weeks ago in the referendum, Acting Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, yesterday deposited...

elections 2017

MEPs report anomalies in overseas voting

MEPs Josep-Maria and Jordi Solé Terricabras have reported anomalies with the overseas vote to the European Commission and asked that the EU investigate if “the right to vote of Catalans living abroad...

elections 2017

PP and Cs bring in scrutineers from outside Catalonia

With the importance of these elections and the opinion polls throughout the campaign being unclear as to the outcome, the political parties took measures to carefully invigilate the recount. Parties worked...

An exceptional election campaign

Parties race to close a campaign marked by little space for political content aside from prisoners, exiles and 155


Man arrested for puncturing lorry tyres on AP-7

Catalan Police have arrested a man for allegedly being involved in the puncturing the tyres of 50 lorries on the AP-7 motorway at the beginning of of December. Police Catalan researchers from the Transit...


China calls for US to forget “Cold War mentality”

The Chinese government yesterday called for the US to forget the “mentality of the Cold War” and deal with differences in a constructive manner, in response to words of the American president, Donald...


US blames North Korea for WanaCry virus

The Trump Administration yesterday blamed North Korea for the WannaCry cyber attack that caused failures in the computer systems of hospitals, banks, businesses and other institutions around the world,...