Catalonia Today


Abertis sees offers could rise with new players

Infrastructure giant Abertis has informed Spain’s market trading and shares supervisory body (CNMV) that the initial offer made by Italian company Altantia of €16.50 a share could be improved on and...

Spain’s Cabinet prepares

Cabinet to approve measures agreed to with PSOE and Ciutadans; PSOE wants “brief and limited” intervention, PP wants maximum control

Daughter of Putin aid vies for presidency

The candidature of television star Ksènia Sobtxak, known as Russias’s Paris Hilton, has added a spark to the Russian presidential elections to be held next March despite bringing division to the opposition....

“It is a real possibility”

Catalan Minister of External Affairs warns that there could be more arrests and that the situation questions the credibility of European institutions

China announces beginning of “new era”

With a three and a half hour speech, one of the longest on record, President Xi Jinping sent an optimistic yet cautious message in the opening of the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)...

Sànchez and Cuixart to appeal

Lawyers of ANC and Òmnium presidents to appeal imprisonment based on no risk of flight or repetition


Novelist Javier Sierra wins 2017 Planeta award

Journalist and writer Javier Sierra has won this year’s Planeta prize for his novel El fuego invisible. The prize, which comes with an award of 601,000 euros, was pres ented to Sierra yesterday in an...


Programmes to help unemployed to receive €22m

The employment department is to devote €22m to programme helping the unemployed find work. The ’UBICAT’ programme will get €7.1m, while the ’ENFEINA’T’ programme will get €14.9m. Department...


Third sector social group looks to choose new head

Francina Alsina, head of the Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social, and Núria Carrera, until a few months ago the dean of the Col·legi de Treball Social, are the two candidates to head the Taula...