Catalonia Today


PSC appeals to Consitutional Court to unblock legislature

Neither the Permanent House Committee nor the committee of party representatives were yesterday able to break the impasse which has left the 12th legislature in limbo, without a government and without...


Vodafone makes world’s 1st 5G phone call

Vodafone yesterday made the 1st 5G call in the world using standard commercial specifications approved last December, which uses the 3.7 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum band. Commercial deployment of the system...


SPD begins vote to ratify coalition with Merkel

Members of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) began voting on Tuesday on whether to enter a new coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservatives, a postal ballot which could end the chancellor’s chances...


Trump backs critic Romney for Senate seat

Donald Trump on Monday endorsed former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah, despite Romney often being critical of Trump. During the 2016 presidential campaign,...

Canet Rock: Let the good times roll

The Catalan festival of festivals already counts more editions this century that it did in the early days in the 70s


PSC opens new HQ: the Casal Joan Reventós

The PSC officially opened its new HQ in carrer Pallars in Barcelona’s Poble Nou. The new centre has been has been named Casal Socialista Joan Reventós. “Not all parties can put the name of its founder...


Le Pen warns FN he cannot be banned

Jean-Marie Le Pen, co-founder of the far-right Frente Nacional (FN) warned his daughter and current president of the party Marine Le Pen, that there could be altercations should he be banned from attending...


Palastinian youths die in Israeli attacks

Two Palestinian youths aged 17 were killed in Gaza on Saturday night in attacks carried out by Israeli troops in reprisal for the detonation of an explosive device on the Israeli border which inured four...


Far right demonstration leaves three hurt

A demonstration by far-right Spanish nationalists on Saturday evening ended with an attack on a bar in Balsareny. As people left the demonstration an altercation began with patrons of a bar which left...