Catalonia Today

Refugees dividing Europe

The informal mini-summit held yesterday in Brussels revealed the internal division of the European block over the management of refugees both for the absence of almost half of its members and for the intention...

Oil prices sounding alarm

Experts warn of economic downturn if oil prices continue to rise; GDP of Catalonia, Spain and Europe still far too dependent on the price of crude


Former mayor of Sabadell tried for annulling fines

The former mayor of Sabadell Manuel Bustos together with the then chief of municipal police, Josep Miquel Duran, and former councillor, Xavier Izquierdo, will go on trial tomorrow in Barcelona for the...


Vallecas voters opt for republic against monarchy

Citizens in the Madrid district of Vallecas voted in favour (89%) of the constitution of a republic and to guarantee the right to directly decide on the model of the state. A total of 7,270 people participated...


Sicar cat assisted 20 victims of human trafficking

The NGO, Adoratrius has assisted 29 victims of human trafficking through its comprehensive treatment programme Sicar cat, in the first half of 2018 in Catalonia, including 24 women and five minors, who...


Trump defends deportations: “No court, no judges”

US president Donald Trump called for the US to deport people without proceedings, warning about an invasion by “these people” and criticised existing immigration laws,” adding that ”When somebody...


Saudi women take the wheel after 50 years prohibition

Women in Saudi Arabia hit the roads on Sunday, ushering in the end of the world’s last ban on female drivers, long seen as an emblem of women’s repression in the deeply conservative Muslim kingdom....

Offer of dialogue vetoed

Torra proposes a meeting with Felip VI in Tarragona to open dialogue; Sánchez, despite affirming willingness in Spain’s parliament, vetoes meeting


EU tariffs on US goods begin tomorrow

The European Union (EU) will begin to apply additional tariffs of €2,8 billion to a list of over 200 products from the United States from tomorrow. This will include goods such as orange juice, tobacco,...