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Far-right second in opinion polls in Germany

The Merkel led coalition government in Germany continues to lose public support with the far-right proving to be the main beneficiary. The Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has overtaken the Social Democrats...


Russia planned to help Julian Assange escape

Russian diplomats held secret talks in London last year with people close to Julian Assange in order to decide if they could help him flee the UK, reports The Guardian. A tentative plan was devised that...

municipal politics

Valls stakes his claim to a place in Barcelona’s political scene

What has been one of the worst guarded secrets in Barcelona’s local politics in recent times, will make the light of day next Tuesday. The former French prime minister, Manuel Valls, will officially...

Spain: like a “banana republic”

More emails by judges damage Spain’s international reputation; Madrid says they are 'personal' messages

Over 200 extra places for underage migrants

The Catalan government yesterday decided to create 230 places for unaccompanied and underage foreign migrants who have arrived in Catalonia in recent weeks. The measure aims to solve the problems overwhelming...


Sánchez agrees to address Senate

Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, is under siege over his doctoral thesis as it emerged yesterday that he had copied a talk by a Spanish diplomat. Attempting to play down the significance of the...


Road tax instead of tolls would save €160m a year

With the change of government in Madrid, the Catalan authorities will again ask the ministry of public works to help with implementing a road tax to replace tolls on motorways and main roads in Catalonia....


Metro strike called off during Mercè festival

Barcelona metro workers yesterday agreed to call off the partial stoppages planned from today until September 24, which would coincide with the city’s annual Mercè festival. The decision means that...

‘There is no impartiality’

Catalan president calls for investigation after leaked emails reveal Spanish judges insulting and making jibes and threats against independence movement