Catalonia Today

A motion going nowhere

PDeCAT withdraws its motion urging talks without conditions but within the law, with Nogueras claiming PSOE has no real intention to negotiate

Back to school with 21 centres not ready

The new school year began yesterday in Catalonia for 1,567,316 students, with 21 centres not fully prepared to cater to the students with building and renovations still to be finished.The Generalitat Vice...


At least 68 dead in suicide attack in Afganistan

The death toll in the suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday has risen to 68 people, with at least 165 others reported injured, officials said. The bomber detonated an explosive device at a...


Outrage in Puerto Rico over Trump’s comments

With Hurricane Florence, predicted to be one of the largest ever, about to hit the US Eastern seaboard, Donald Trump has caused outrage with comments over last year’s Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico,...


Unions pleased following talks with Cunillera

Trade unions CCOO and UGT said they were pleased to meet with the new central government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, after “years of having the delegation doors closed” to them. The CCOO’s...


PDeCat denies any ties with CDC in 3% case

PDeCAT yesterday denied any connection with CDC in the hearing in the Audiéncia Nacional into the so-called 3% case, which is investigating donations made to the foundations Catdem and Fòrum Barcelona...


Copisca earns €100m with sale of subsidiary

The Catalan construction group Copisa has concluded an agreement with the French equity fund Mirova to sell 80% of its subsidiary, Copisa Concessions in an operation that will generate capital gains of...

Mass display of determination

A million people return to streets for seventh consecutive National Day to show desire for Republic


Sánchez repeats call for “law and dialogue”

Pedro Sánchez’ response on his first National Day of Catalonia as head of the Spanish government was to insist on his offer of “law and dialogue” to resolve the Catalan conflict. For their part,...