Catalonia Today


Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the US

North Carlina officials are predicting that the Category One storm Hurricane Florence could cause the heaviest flooding in a millenium. The storm reached the coast and will bring heavy rains for days....

Lehman Brothers: 10 years on

Lehman Brothers bankruptcy marked the beginning of the recession; recovery has not yet reached 2008’s levels

War of the theses goes on

Sánchez gives in and says he will make his doctoral thesis public today as he comes under pressure from the leaders of the Ciutadans and PP parties


Vote passes to exhume Franco’s remains

The Spanish parliament yesterday voted to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco from his tomb in the Valley of the Fallen, the underground basilica that he had built near Madrid. The opposition PP and...


Heavy vehicle traffic up 134% on motorways

Restrictions on heavy vehicles using the N-340 and N-240 main roads has increased lorry traffic on the AP-7 and AP-2 motorways. The restriction, which came into effect on September 2 aiming to reduce accidents,...


Castellers pull out of cancer ad due to their shirt colour

A group of castellers (builders of human towers) from Vilanova i la Geltrú has pulled out of an ad to help the Sant Joan de Déu hospital campaign for children with cancer due to the colour of their shirts....

Major rise in politically motivated hate crime

The number of incidents of politically motivated discrimination reported to the police has shot up in Catalonia, rising to 121 cases last year (of a total of 393 reports of hate motivated offences) compared...

A motion going nowhere

PDeCAT withdraws its motion urging talks without conditions but within the law, with Nogueras claiming PSOE has no real intention to negotiate

Back to school with 21 centres not ready

The new school year began yesterday in Catalonia for 1,567,316 students, with 21 centres not fully prepared to cater to the students with building and renovations still to be finished.The Generalitat Vice...