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Taking stock

I’m not religious, so the idea of some form of heaven and hell do not normally enter my vocabulary, but two years of what seem like purgatory have led me to take a decision about this column: from now...


You can rely on Ovid

When people say Netflix, they are often referring in general to the range of online platforms streaming films and TV series, and such services came into their own during the lockdown. In our house, the...


Keeping quiet

I dig in the garden with my partner. At dusk we wander the farm. Sometimes we talk. We ache with age and labour, but we press on, gladly. We have a lot to do, much to plant and a great many things to abstain...

Long-term resident

Ringing in the new

Last month Maria Branyas, the oldest woman in Catalonia and indeed in the whole of Spain, and possibly in the whole of Europe, hit the virtual headlines when she survived a coronavirus infection at age...

TOP 10

The end of the world on your TV

Will the human species become extinct? Cinema has recreated all possible versions of pandemics and a post-apocalyptic planet. Now, Covid-19 is teaching us that reality can beat even the most fearsome fiction

The art of being at home

Two art historians have built an artistic website as a virtual imaginary museum of artworks set at home. QuedAR’T a casa shows more than one thousand ways to stay at home

Lockdown loaded

The decision to send at least four million “non-essential” workers back to their jobs on April 13 strikes me as an extreme mistake. A dangerous one. This was a Spanish government move and was opposed...


Spain spends a lot of money on international campaigns to make it believe that it is a consolidated democracy. However, it is increasingly resembling a dictatorship. In the elections to the Parliament...

Long-term resident

Live performance

Every day, Monday to Sunday, we clap at 8pm sharp. In our case, from the terrace of a sixth floor flat in the northern Barcelonan district of Nou Barris. Our applause is dedicated to the health workers...