Locations of scenes shot in «Game of Thrones» in the city of Girona

Escales de la Catedral de Girona
Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #6 – Arrogance and Fanaticism (HBO)
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Escales de la Catedral

The cities

The Free City of Braavos

A city of sailors and master swordsmen, Braavos consists of hundreds of small islands connected by stone bridges. In scenes shot in Girona, there are also many of the monuments that appear in the novels: The Titan of Braavos, a giant statue that guards the entrance to the city’s port, and the House of Black and White, a centuries-old temple dedicated to the God of Many Faces where Arya Stark learns to be “No One”.

King's landing

The site where King Aegon I Targaryen, "the Conqueror", first landed in Westeros, and the city has since then been the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. It is also the headquarters of The Great Sept of Baelor, which has been recreated inside Girona’s Cathedral using digital effects. The dialectical duel between Jamie Lannister and the High Sparrow on the steps leading up to the Cathedral is epic. And yes, there are tourists seeking a glimpse the sea from the entrance to the temple.


The oldest city in Westeros ( "Oldtown"), the second most populated and one of the main ports. It is ruled by House Hightower. In Girona only part was recreated inside one of the main buildings of the Citadel, a group of buildings which is the training center of the order of 'Masters' and where Sam and Eli finally end their journey.

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