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Boris Johnson lashes out at May again

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has accused Theresa May of wrapping a ‘suicide vest’ around Britain and handing the detonator to Brussels and condemned May’s handling of the negotiations,...


Trump conspired to overthrow Maduro

US President Donald Trump’s government held several secret meetings with military rebels who were planning to overthrow Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, according to The New York Times. The newspaper...


Sánchez Llibre announces bid for Foment

The former UDC MP and vice president of the canning group Dani, Josep Sánchez Llibre, has announced his candidature for the presidency of the Catalan employer’s and business organisation, Foment de...

Serena Williams melts down in US Open final

Japan’s Naomi Osaka easily beat Serina Williams on Saturday in a Grand Slam final that saw the US champion launch a heated argument with the umpire and tournament referee. Williams claimed that she was...

local government

Barcelona calls tenders for Tres Turrons

The Barcelona City Council has called for tenders for the project to consolidate the Parc dels Tres Turons as the “most important green zones” of the city. The tender hopes to attract projects for...

Risks of RUNNING

Starting running without properly preparing for it is potentially just as harmful as living a sedentary lifestyle. Running has become fashionable, but make sure you take the right precautions before jumping into your running shoes


It is hardly any surprise that the town of Sitges is such a popular place in Catalonia among both native and foreign visitors alike. Within easy reach of Barcelona, next to the Mediterranean Sea, boasting...

Homes for ART

Where creation takes place can be as important as the creative act itself. Catalonia has some 30 residences for artists and scholars, where they can find the peace, concentration and inspiration they need for their work

An everlasting passion for BLUE

The Blueproject Foundation returns to its origins to mark its fifth anniversary: a homage to the passion of artists such as Warhol, Fontana, Basquiat and Klein, as well as to the organisation’s creator, Carlo Salvi