Catalonia Today

Refugees return to the Calais “Jungle”

On October 24, 2016, as 7,400 asylum seekers, waited with suitcases and backpacks at the entrance of the “jungle” for French social service workers to distribute them to shelters in the rest of France....

Ministers claim mistreatment

Lawyer of imprisoned ERC ministers makes public claims of mistreatment; Junqueras ridiculed by police

Lamela: “Risk of flight”

Generalitat ministers who deny incitement to violence are accused of “fomenting a plan of rebellion” and imprisoned in Estremera and Alcalà Meco

CaixaBank promotes cultural diversity

CaixaBank is a pioneering organisation in management diversity in Spain, with a specialised team that coordinates transversal projects in which it is promoting multiple dimensions of work: cultural, gender,...


Republican favoured to take over the Fed

Donald Trump will announce his candidate to head the US Federal Reserve (Fed), before he leaves for Asia on Friday, a position now occupied by Janet Yellen, who will end her mandate in early February....


Billionaire Andrej Babis asked to form government

The Czech president has asked Andrej Babis to try to form a government after the populist Ano movement won the parliamentary elections earlier in October. None of the other groups have agreed to go into...


Warning conflict may influence confidence

Moody’s warned yesterday that the uncertainty associated with tensions in Catalonia will probably have negative implications on economic confidence and consumer spending. For the agency, which recently...

Markets calming down

Losses recorded on the stock exchange by Catalan listed companies have begun to even out over the last two session; Grifols has performed best

Airline predictions challenge crisis claims

Mariano Rajoy and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria have been at pains to repeat often that the independence process is causing a serious disruption to the Catalan economy, and especially in the tourism sector....