Catalonia Today

Andorra, Catalan's backdoor to Europe

On July 22, 1993, Catalan finally became an officially recognised language, when Andorra was admitted to the United Nations. Now, 25 years later, talks between Andorra and the EU are progressing which...

Organising the resistance

Demonstrations led by women and immigrants are multiplying all over the United States; the citizens are demanding explanations from elected officials

ATC detects €360.4 million in tax fraud

40.2% of unpaid taxes in 2015-2016 are in undeclared property transfers; €25.3m embargoed in accounts

US does an about-face on the question of NATO

From an “obsolete” organisation of countries that “do not pay what they should” to the “cornerstone” of defence is the turn-about that came yesterday from new head of the Pentagon, James Mattis,...

Junqueras corrects Vidal

The explanations of the Generalitat vice-President do not convince the opposition groups which will now call for an official enquiry into the matter

Mass evacuation in northern California

Around 200,000 people have so far been evacuated in northern California, 120km from San Francisco, due to the risk of damage detected following heavy rainfall in the Oroville dam on the Feather River,...

Criteo plans for 300 jobs

The French digital marketing firm makes Barcelona its European hub; expansion will reach 300 jobs from a firm which began operations in 2014

Iglesias sidelines Errejón

Podem's base votes and gives Iglesias a clear win on all levels of the party; Errejón refuses to throw in the towel and demands recognition of diversity

Violence returns to the outskirts of Paris

Just two weeks out from the first round of the French Presidential elections, violence has returned to the outskirts of Paris as youths and police clash following the release of a report which exonerated...