Catalonia Today

Terror at Westminster

Man stabs a police officer outside Britain's parliament after driving into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, four die and 20 injured; May evacuated

Supreme Court has its say on November 9 vote

Check and Mate. Spain's Supreme Court had its say on the controversial November 9 vote in Catalonia when it handed down its sentence on Francesc Homs for his role in organising the popular vote. Homs faced...

Schultz gets 100% support in fight against Merkel

In an unprecedented vote, the delegates at this weekend's German Socialdemocrat party gave their full support to the former president of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz. Of the 605 possible delegate...

EU takes aim at avoidance

Ecofin ministers agree to change regulations to combat multinationals using “asymmetric hybrid mechanisms” and create “black list” of tax havens

Visionary sets his sights on the sun

Visionario, a newly established Catalan company has quickly found its place among the big brands in sunglasses

CE says Turkey moving away from Europe

European leaders yesterday criticised Turkey for having described Holland and Germany as being “nazis”.The crisis erupted after a number of central European countries prohibited planned meetings organised...

Sustainable commerce

Business and commerce with a declared mission of social awareness and responsibility are being rewarded by a public which is demanding changes

Pretoria corruption case goes to trial

This morning, 11 people will face the court in a case of urban planning corruption dubbed the Pretoria case. Among them are former heavyweights in CiU, Lluís Prenafeta Macia Alavedra both held important...

The other Americans

Latin America reinforces commercial ties in the face of Trump's isolationist policies; Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance look to the European Community