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UK Conservatives could win 50% of vote in June

Theresa May's Conservative Party presently hold a substantial lead of somewhere between of between 19 and 25 percent over Jeremy Corbin's Labour Party. The figures are the result of polls held since May...


Palestinian detained after knife attack

An 18 year-old Palestinian from the West Bank province of Nablus, attacked and wounded four Israelis with a knife yesterday in a hotel in Tel Aviv “for nationalistic reasons,” according to a police...


Housing prices predicted to increase

The president of the Catalan association of building developers (PACE), Lluís Marsà, has predicted “pressures” that could cause a rise in housing prices again if the government does not free up undeveloped...


Extended festival for children's literature

For most people, Sant Jordi is a special day, shared by love and literature. But it is one day alone, and so publishing houses, bookshops and public bodies have tried to convert the festivities by promoting...


United States citizen detained in North Korea

North Korean authorities on Friday arrested a United States citizen, in an incident that coincided with yet another outbreak of more incendiary rhetoric from Pyongyang. The individual arrested is a former...

Showdown between Macron and Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, one a progressive centrist and the other from the far right, will contest the Presidency of France. With 24% and 22% of the votes, respectively, both passed the first...

For the ‘patria' with love

The ritual of the signatures, at times a catharsis for some readers, matches the imagination of writers who stoically hold out to please their fans

Each and everyone is responsible

Government signs a declaration of commitment and responsibility to referendum in face of threats from State

Protocol for school violence set for May

The protocol against violence in schools will be approved by the joint committee of the the Education Department and the unions next month, it was announced by government sources yesterday. The text, which...