Catalonia Today

Everything was possible

September 11, 1977, thousands of Catalans marched to demand the return of self-government; the 1st legal 'Diada' after Franco’s death and the dictatorship

“Estiu 1993”, a trumph of humility

Catalan cinema began its search for international recognition in ernest in 2010 and arguably the first to make base was Agustí Villaronga’s Pà negre. Now it is the turn of Carla Símon’s first film,...

Madrid fears O-1 could turn violent

Rajoy asks Constitutional Tribunal to halt Transition Law; suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy is still an option


Landslides detected as result of tests

The nuclear test carried out on Sunday by the North Korean regime could have triggered several landslides in the mountainous area of Punggye-ri where this and previous tests have taken place. A combined...


Ryanair changes baggage and hand luggage policy

Ryanair has announced a new baggage policy to apply from November, which will reduce the cost of a checked suitcase from €35 to €25 and raise the weight from 15kg to 20kg. The airline, however, will...


Tesla to open first service centre in Hospitalet

The US automobile company Tesla has almost completed its plans for its presence in Catalonia and at the end of the month will open a service centre in Hospitalet, the first such centre in Spain. Later...

A parliament in turmoil

Parliamentary groups push the rules of the chamber to allow passage of Referendum bill, opposition forces numerous House Committee deliberations

Catalan, an open book

In mid-June 2012, the then US president Barack Obama laid a cornerstone of his legacy in the form of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme. It was created as a lifeline for those children...


Nobel prizewinner gives support to October vote

President Carles Puigdemont, yesterday welcomed 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner Ahmed Galai at the Palau de la Generalitat. During a ceremony in which Galai gave his support to the October 1 referendum,...