Catalonia Today

Colau to invest €50.9m in suburbs

Barcelona City Council targets 16 neighbourhoods for development plans aimed at reducing social inequalities


Problems the Spanish state has yet to solve

The slight slowing down in the Catalan economy predicted for 2018 will not have anything to do with either the sovereignty process nor political instability, as some voices have been very quick to indicate,...

Latin America faces the ballot box in 2018

Latin America faces an intensive election year in 2018. Six countries will see a change of president, including the two largest: Brazil and Mexico. Venezuela will decide the fate of Nicholas Maduro, an...

Motorcycle deaths rising

Last year’s toll of motorcycle deaths was 45, with five in December alone, 10 more than in 2016; awareness and defensive riding can reduce the toll


Rajoy puts the pressure on, sets January 17 to call Parliament

Despite having only 4% of the votes in Catalonia but with all the weight of Article 155 in hand, Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy yesterday used his final press conference of the year to dictate...


New Year’s party to have “women only” section

Organisers of Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate are setting up a special safety zone for women who have been assaulted or feel threatened. The move comes two years...


Price of housing continues to rise but more slowly

The prices of housing has increased by 8.9% in the last quarter of the year in Catalonia, according to provisional data from a Tinsa IMIE statistical survey, which also states that the increase in Catalonia...


AIDS test on sale OTC in Spanish pharmacies

Diagnostic tests for HIV can be purchased in pharmacies without prescription. This was approved yesterday by the Spanish cabinet on a proposal from the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality,...

Desalination plants working overtime

The Tordera and Llobregat plants have increased output between 50 and 60%; basins drop on average 46%