Catalonia Today


Italian president begins talks to form government

Italian President Sergio Mattarella launched a first round of formal consultations on Wednesday aimed at creating a coalition government after a March national election resulted in a stalemate. It may...

No change in enrolment

The 2018 enrolment form dispels fears of a parallel line in schools based on language of origin; State admits it cannot use 155 to make changes in system


ETA pays homage to members before dissolution

To mark Aberri Eguna (Day of the Basque Homeland), ETA published a statement in which it honours its members, but with no explicit reference to its dissolution. ETA recognises that this precedes the decision...


TV3’s ratings defy strong criticism by Spain’s press

Fresh attacks on TV3 in the Madrid press contrasted with official figures released yesterday that Catalan public television got off to the best start since 2012, as well as having the best quality rating...


Lack of rental properties causes rents to soar

Rental prices increased by an average of 9.9% during 2017, according to the Promoters Association of Catalonia (PACE), which put the average monthly rent at €654.83; with differences ranging from an...

Poor performance from Espanyol in draw with Alavés

With a lacklustre 1st half neither Espanyol nor Alavés looked as if they would improve in the 2nd half. In this, neither team disappointed. The home team only looked to score once in the 1st 45 minutes....


Marta Vallès, wife of Felix Millet, dies from stroke

Marta Vallès died yesterday at the Vall d’Hebron hospital at the age of 82. Vallès suffered a stroke on Wednesday afternoon and was admitted to the intensive care unit in Barcelona. She was married...

US demands visa applicants’ social network history

The US State Department has released new regulations which require visa applicants worldwide to provide data on the social networks the have used in recent years, a policy that could affect 14.7 million...

In search of credible voices

Most radicals imprisoned here were born in Spain and had little religious affinity before being indoctrinated; prevention is a job for the community