Catalonia Today

Tale of Seven Kingdoms

HBO’s blockbuster TV series filmed in part in Catalonia returns to the small screen in its 7th season, promising to have more in store than the last


Massive protest against judicial reforms in Poland

Thousands of people protested in Warsaw yesterday, against the controversial justice reform, which critics say undermines the independence of the courts. The reform allows the executive to appoint judges...


Campaign against illegal street vending begins

The Generalitat has launched an informative campaign against the ’top manta’ street vendors which warns citizens that the practice is illegal and harms the economy, as well as favouring organised gangs...


33 injured in roller-coaster incident in Madrid

Some 33 people, among them children, received light injuries when two carriages collided in a roller coaster amusement park in Madrid, according to sources from the city’s emergency services . The accident...


Generalitat accuses state of linguistic bias

In an event held yesterday in Barcelona’s plaça Catalunya, the director general of Language Policies, Ester Franquesa accused the state government of systematical ignoring its obligations under the...


Bloodbank seeking 35,000 new donors

The Blood and Tissue Bank today began a summer campaign with the slogan Amics de sang, which aims to attract 35,000 blood donations until September 1. During the summer months with a change in habits,...

Majority in British government want ‘transition period’

Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond said yesterday that most members of the government are increasingly convinced of the need for a transition to bring to term the exit of the UK from...

Small business goes online

With 51% of commerce now on the Web, SMEs up until now have kept a low profile; now many find signing up to platforms such as Amazon boosts sales

Caution to the wind for O-1 referendum

Puigdemont implements a cabinet reshuffle with unquestionable replacements as referendum approaches