Catalonia Today

The darker side of London

The British capital annually recycles billions of euros stolen from public funds and other illicit origins, offering enormous investment opportunities

Independence to be debated in US secondary schools

“Should Spain grant independence to Catalonia?” This is one of the questions up for debate in over 3,000 US secondary schools as part of the “Speech & Debate” section of Civic Studies. Schools...

Junquera remains behind bars

Supreme Court Appeals Tribunal denies liberty for Junqueras claiming possibility of continued disobedience


Apple and Intel both hit by chip deficiencies

The computer giant Apple confirmed yesterday that it has recently detected safety deficiencies in microchips installed on millions of computers around the world which also affect their devices and is already...


Tibidabo breaks record with 732,577 visitors

The Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona ended the year 2017 with a new record of visitors. 732,577 people visited the park in 2017, over 7,000 more than in 2016, when it reached its highest record to...


Arrels helps 50% more homeless than 5 years ago

The Fundació Arrels, which is dedicated to serving homeless people in the city of Barcelona, last year attended nearly 2,000 people, a figure similar to the previous year, but an increase of 5% if compared...


Barcelona prepares itself for macro-survey on key issues

The results will not be binding but subject to consideration by the entire City Council where the political parties represented will accept, or not, the mandate of the people. The Barcelona City Council...


Astronomers studying the Tabby mystery

Astronomers are using the Joan Oró telescope at the Montsec observatory to study the star “Tabby” along with other scientists world-wide. The star, discovered by US astronomer Tabetha Boyajian, is...


Defence Dept. puts Spain’s Legion on a diet

The Spanish army has put the soldiers on its famed Legion battalion on a diet, according to information published in the newspaper El País, ordering overweight soldiers to undergo controls and lose weight....