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New battery for bikes charges in just five minutes

The Catalan start-up company Earthdas has developed a hybrid graphite and lithium battery for electric bicycles and motorcycles with capacity to charge in just five minutes, up to 12 times faster than...

Trump accuses Syria and Russia of a chemical attack

U.S. President Donald Trump said there would be a “big price to pay” for a chemical attack against a besieged rebel-held town in Syria where medical aid groups reported dozens of people were killed...

The burden of renting

To afford a rental property in Barcelona at 30% of available income requires a gross monthly salary of €2,800; the ripple effect has reached other towns


The university rector demolishes Cristina Cifuente’s defense

The controversy surrounding the r presumed masters degree of Cristina Cifuentes has her backed into a corner. Yesterday, the Rector of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Javier Ramos, torpedoed the defence...

Next stop, Berlin

Puigdemont defines the existence of political prisoners in Europe as “shameful” on his release from Neumünster


Former spy recovering and out of danger

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and his health is improving rapidly more than a month after he was poisoned with a nerve agent in England, the British hospital treating...


Chamber of Commerce closes year with surplus

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce closed the 2017 financial year with an operating profit of nearly €1 million and a surplus of €70,596, marking three consecutive years of positive results The budget,...


Inland Revenue payout 5% less than last year

Spain’s Inland Revenue service is expected to pay €1.67 billion in tax returns in Catalonia in 2017, 5.3% less than the previous year. The treasury estimates that 3,556,000 taxpayers will file returns...

Germany sees justice done

The Schleswig-Holstein court liberates Carles Puigdemont and rules out charges of rebellion as it did not evidence any act of violence in Catalonia