Catalonia Today


Hotels happy with occupancy over long weekend

The tourist sector was happy with the results of the December long weekend with hotel occupancy at around 80% in the mountain regions of Catalonia. The figures were higher in the Lleida Pyrenees, where...


First fines for tourist flats with no permits

The Badalona City Council has initiated proceedings against the owners of two flats in the same block allegedly operating as tourist apartments without being licensed. If it is confirmed, the owners will...


Hold-ups as holiday-goers head home

The December long weekend ended yesterday with heavy traffic congestion and delays on several roads and highways in Catalonia. According to the Catalan Traffic Service , some of the most important hold-ups...

“Spirit of the comeback”

Miquel Iceta says in Lleida that the will “never dance to the rhythm of the CUP” and says he will be a political “MacGyver” to construct an alternative

Forcadell enters the campaign and ask for vote to halt Cs

Carme Forcadell chose yesterday to enter into the campaign at an ERC meeting in Badalona’ just one month after her release from prison. In her speech, Forcadell called for people to vote ERC as the only...

May and EU reach last-minute deal

Agreement over Northern Irish border, payment and EU residents opens way for next phase of negotiations


Rajoy plays down importance of Brussels demonstration

Mariano Rajoy’s visit yesterday in Lleida was his first as part of the December 21 election campaign and came just one day after the massive pro-independence march in Brussels. Rajoy reaffirmed his “respect”...


Fires force mass evacuation in California

Large fires raging for six days in southern California have forced the evacuation of more than 230,000 people from different areas. The fires, which until now had burnt 40,000 hectares and destroyed 300...


Startups causing changes in larger companies

Directors of large companies have accepted the challenge of innovation with the emergence of young entrepreneurs showing their skills in new startup enterprises. The new companies, which are a kind of...