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Election protests in Honduras leave seven dead

The protests in Honduras for alleged fraud to the detriment of the presidential candidate of the opposition Alliance against Dictatorship, Salvador Nasrallah, have left at least seven dead and 20 wounded,...

Pressure mounts on May as B-Day looms

Saló Ocasión, which gathers some 3,500 semi-new motor vehicles at the Montjuïc exhibition halls opened on December 1 and will stay open until the 10th. It is a good moment for the sector, which expects...


“Soon technology will be as essential as English”

Aleix Valls was the general director of the Mobile World Capital of Barcelona for the last year and a half. He did a job that seems extremely complex because it means keeping up with the people who have...

One woman, two lives

Claudia Poblete had another life until she was 21 years old. That was when she discovered that her parents had deceived her. Then she began to understand that the dates did not fit and that the distant...


Dignifying help

150 low income families in Ciutat Vella neighborhood once or twice a month visit the Roure Foundation

Each user has certain number of points and chooses products for their own use

World Day Against AIDS

'I feel at risk every moment I am alive'

For four years Joseph Candelero has been taking pills to prevent AIDS but his medicine has not yet been approved in Spain

“It’s an urgent matter. People are not waiting for political solutions so they buy the pill online.”

Life and death, according to Pixar

There is controversy surrounding the temporary axing of John Lasseter, creative director of Pixar, the subsidiary of Walt Disney, with the release of Coco, his new movie. Set in Mexico around the celebration...

Shadow of uncertainty

Experts admit difficulty of making predictions in existing political context but rule out catastrophe; Spain’s debt crisis is a serious threat to Catalan GDP

Palamós athlete has sights set on Europe

The athlete from Palamós, Adel Mechaal (New Balance), the state cross-country champion, qualified yesterday for the European Samorin (Slovakia) with a 3rd place in the Alcobendas Cross, coming in behind...