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Márquez MotoGP lead cut after Dovizioso win

Italian Andrea Dovizioso snatched a last-gasp win at the Japanese MotoGP in Motegi to cut Catalan Marc Márquez’s championship lead to 11 points. With rain falling, Ducati rider Dovizioso and Honda’s...


Nine deaths on main roads over holiday weekend

The Catalan traffic agency, the SCT, yesterday issued a warningdue to the high level of road accidents over the long holiday weekend. SCT head, Eugenia Doménech, called the weekend “dramatic”, in...

'Jupiter’s Moon': Best Film for refugee’s story

Fantasy cinema is much more than simply entertainment and does not always overlook the great conflicts of the world. At least this is the belief of the official jury of the Festival of Sitges, which yesterday...

What is worrying Europe?

Europe is concerned that an independent Catalonia could act as a catalyst in other regions; Russia, China and the UK see a threat to the European model

Mediation, nothing but mediation

President Carles Puigdemont has asked three times for the help of an international referee to redirect the conflict

Brussels ignores petition

Brussels avoids talk of dialogue and continues to back Rajoy; France Italy, and Germany warn they will not recognise a declaration of independence


An offer of dialogue? Article 155

The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, yesterday began the process of imposing Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution on Catalonia. This is the response of the State to the offer of talks made by...

The Influencers, a festival of visionaries

The confluence between art, technology and new popular digital cultures is the subject of interest of The Influencers festival, to be held at the CCCB from October 26 to 28 which has now reached its 13th...


Trump threatens North Korea yet again

The president of the United States, Donald Trump has once again threatened the Kim Jong-un’s North Korean regime, saying that dialogue with Pyongyang is pointless and again revealing his preference for...