Catalonia Today


Road deaths in Barcelona total more than 2017

A 36-year-old man died yesterday in a collision between his motorcycle and a taxi on the Passeig Torres i Bages in Barcelona, in Sant Andreu. This death is the seventh of a motorcyclist in the city, which...


Fèlix Larrosa assumes Lleida mayoralty

The Socialist Félix Larrosa was sworn in yesterday as the new mayor of Lleida.In his acceptance speech, Larrosa marked distancesfrom its predecessor, Àngel Ros, who has been appointed ambassador of the...


Barcelona assists 74% more asylum seekers

In the space of one year, the Barcelona City Council has assisted 74% more immigrants who plan to seek asylum in Spain and who met the requirements and the profile to do so. Until July, the number of cases...


Grande-Marlaska confirms prison transfers

Spain’s Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said yesterday that more ETA prisoners would be moved closer to home in an appearance in parliament and chided the PP for “injecting hatred” through...


Brexit talks could drag on into November

The United Kingdom and the EU are continuing negotiations to try to reach an agreement on Brexit, which both parties say they want to close before the October Council meeting. Yesterday, but the British...

Graveyards for Franco

Franco’s family have so far rejected a cemetery designed to host Falangist heroes; Águeda (Salamanca) wants the tomb for its tourist potential

Mossos investigated

Catalan police asked to inform the State Prosecutor regarding the identification of citizens removing yellow ribbons in Terres de l’Ebre

PDeCAT rules out joint lists without ERC

The president of PDeCAT, David Bonvehí, admitted yesterday that the process which began yesterday aiming to unite independence parties in single candidatures for the May municipal elections “makes no...


Tehran takes US to International Court

Iran yesterday called for the International Court of Justice (TIJ) to stop the United States from the resumption of sanctions announced by US President Donald Trump on May 8 when it withdrew from the Multilateral...